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One of the many destructive effects of the pandemic was the onset of the narrative that New York City was dead and never coming back. The all-volunteer organization NYCNext was born out of the vision of a few die-hard New Yorkers determined to ensure that the city would not only survive but would bounce back even stronger. OMIH joined as a volunteer partner early on to help take that vision and turn it into a movement by providing creative support across all channels—video, social, digital, advertising, events and PR—all with the goal of generating city pride and inspiring New Yorkers to step up and do something to help.

With Billy Joel's support, and the unparalleled talent of acclaimed composer, musician and producer Tom Kitt, we helped create an all-new recording and music video of “New York State of Mind” featuring local New York artists filmed in iconic NYC locations.

One of the several campaigns we created was an out-of-home effort to remind all of us locals to get out and support the city’s restaurants, shops and institutions

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